Virtual tour with audio guide

This multimedia DVD provides you with the opportunity to see the entire Museum's exhibition on your own or with the help of the audio guide. You can visit all of the exhibition halls, and each of the 118 virtual panoramic views is accompanied by sounds from the Museum and special ambiance music. The audio guide will automatically lead you through the virtual tour which will last 70 minutes, telling you interesting stories about the discovery of the Krapina site, the beginning of the world and its evolution to the present day.

Price: HRK 120



Virtual tour – Screen shot examples

Virtual tour

Full screen virtual panoramic views give you the impression of actually being inside the Museum! You can turn or move them in all directions. When you click on the arrow, you will move to the next exhibition point. The virtual tour is accompanied by attractive sound effects and music, and interesting stories from the audio guide.

Additional content

Throughout the entire visit to the exhibition, the virtual panoramic views are accompanied by additional content. For example, you can click on one of the Neanderthals and find out more about him or see bones that were used for his reconstruction.

Interactive map

At each moment of your virtual visit, you can access the interactive map which will help you find your way through the Museum. All of the 118 virtual panoramic views are marked on the map, and your current position is shown in red. If you click on any symbol of the virtual panoramic view you will be moved to the chosen point in the Museum.

Tour of the Museum with audio guide

You can chose to explore the Museum independently, on your own, or walk around the exhibition with an audio guide. This tour will last 70 minutes. The audio guide can be started or stopped at any chosen moment and you can chose from any of the 39 topics.


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