• "I would like to congratulate you on this great day for Croatian culture and museology, especially to my colleague Jakov Radovčić, who has realised his old concepts in the wake of Gorjanović-Kramberger’s works!"

    Emilio Marin, ambassador of the Republic of Croatia to the Holy See
  • "I am fascinated! Krapina has got something which is rare in the world. I congratulate you on your tenacity for making this come true and trust me – the world will come to you. Bravo!"

    July 9, 2010 Kostadinka Velkovska, actress
  • "I am impressed by the new image of the Krapina Neanderthal, and even more impressed by the whole exhibition, its concept and realisation. It surpasses all my expectations, which were high after all I've heard and read before my arrival. Thank you for enriching our Croatian nation and all the people in the world so much."

    May 10, 2010 Radoslav Katičić, Academy Member

Museums of Hrvatsko zagorje


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