The Souvenir Shop offers various souvenirs with prehistoric themes, and the emphasis is put on the Krapina Early Man. Magnets, mugs, T-shirts, hats, bags, aprons, postcards, posters, ornaments and other objects with diverse Neanderthal motives, such as C skull, mammoth, rhinoceros, dinosaur or stone tools - these are only few of the memorabilia that you can purchase at the Souvenir Shop to remind you of your visit to Krapina and the Krapina Neanderthal Museum. Many authors of these unique souvenirs won special awards and acknowledgments, while a few among them particularly excel, such as "Little Krapina" by Božena Zernec, an ornament collection by author Željko Kovačić, souvenirs related to the town of Krapina by Siniša Laginja, and "Praart", a collection by Maja Nikin Šimić.

The history of Krapina is reflected in souvenirs like well-known bilikum (a three-part pot) or a "smart jug", and a representation of the Old Town. Along with numerous useful or ornamental objects with prehistoric motives, there is also an interactive DVD of the permanent Museum exhibition, picture books, films, children's encyclopedias and professional and scientific literature.


Kraneamus – Krapina Neanderthal Museum – Architecture and exhibition

DVD – virtual tour with audio guide

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