Autor/izvor: Kristian Sentić 13/09/2010

The valuable SIGMA award – for innovations in business technology – was awarded to the Krapina Neanderthal Museum in Krapina for its interactive DVD.

CBTour – Innovations in business tourism

MHZ (Museums of Hrvatsko zagorje) – Krapina Neanderthal Museum recently had the opportunity to introduce the interactive multimedia DVD to the public. This DVD completes the new Museum''s exhibition and provides the visitors with a chance to individually expercience the exhibition even after the visit itself.

The author of the contents is Novena studio, whose director Ervin Šilić has for many years now been producing virtual contents for museum institutions in Croatia and abroad. For the first time the DVD brings together several technologies and, apart from the virtual tour, offers other interactive possibilities. Therefore the Museums of Hrvatsko zagorje submitted the DVD to the competition announced by rthe renowned Sigma Innovators' Society from Zagreb.

The best technology of Croatian business tourism refers to the best organisation that bases its tourist offer, directed to business tourist or a group of business tourists, on a new technology or technological product. This award gives special emphasis on technology that enhances revival, additional development and improvement of tourist offers for business people based on an innovative approach. Sigma Innovators' Society is a leading national organisation of associated, creative, scientific, innovative and business creativity. After little over two years of active participation in the business and social community, Sigma Innovators' Society became a brand. With over a hundred awards won at both national and international level, it undoubtedly proved its knowledge, potential, skills and excelency in all the acitivities it conducts.

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