Welcome to the distant world of mysterious prehistory!

Entering the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, you enter a time machine, a labyrinth which will take you on a journey from the moment when fossil bones were discovered on the Hušnjakovo Hill, and all the way back to the most anicient history of the Earth.

130,000 years ago, Krapina was inhabited by the Early Man, the Neanderthal. The 19th century inhabitants of Krapina foreboded that the nearby layers of the Earth were hiding "odd bones". According to oral tradition, it was the Franciscans who first noted it, but the first concrete step was taken by Josip Rehorić, a teacher from Krapina, who sent a few bones to the renowned Croatian geologist and paleontologiest Dragutin Gorjanović Kramberger. Four years later, on August 23, 1899, D. G. Kramberger arrived to Krapina. His research on Hušnjakovo Hill, which lasted untill 1905, revealed the largest collection of Neanderthals' fossil remains in the whole world! Indeed, he proved that it was the case of an Early Man and thus supported the theory of evolution.

Because man is only a small part of a large Universe and of the nature he depends on, the Krapina Neanderthal Museum takes you on the path of evolution – cosmic, chemical and biological, from the beginning of the creation of the Universe and to modern age!

The Krapina Neanderthal Museum, through its varied educational programmes, brings closer a distant and mysterius world of prehistory to visitors of different age and profiles, but especially to children and young people. After the visit, the visitors have the opportunity, by participating in various workshops and playgroups, to actively research and discover the prehistoric world of fossils, the evolution of life on Earth and the world of Neanderthals. Various games and entertainment will foster creativity and independent reasoning in children, as well as expand their interests and satisfy their curiosity.

All educational programmes require advance booking and arrangement with the head of the programme.

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