The visit to the Museum’s exhibition is quite impressive in itself, even without the audio guide, stimulating your imagination and taking you back to the time of Kramberger, the Neanderthals and to the very beginning of the Universe. It offers an entirely new notion of time and evolution of life. However, it is only with the help of the audio guide that you will have the complete experience of this magnificent history of Neanderthals and the beginning of our species. Audio guide is available in 8 different languages: Croatian, English, German, Slovenian, Italian, French, Czech and Hungarian, and its duration is 70 minutes.
The audio guide is very simple and easy to use. The numbers of topics are preorganised, and the visitor only has to enter the desired number and enjoy the story while observing the corresponding exhibit. The stories of the authors of the exhibition were recorded on the audio guide first, describing the space around them as they moved through it, and afterwards the text was edited and recorded by professional speakers. This allows visitors to hear the authentic story recounted by exhibition authors, Jakov Radovčić and Željko Kovačić, who have worked on it over a decade, the same amount of time it took to construct the Museum. A lot of the content described on the audio guide cannot be found on the exhibits' explanations, therefore we strongly recommend that you use the audio guide as it will make your experience of the Museum more rounded.