Pedagogical acitivities

Pedagogical activities include workshops, playgroups, lectures, exhibitions and other programmes that the Krapina Neanderthal Museum organises to familiarise different visitor groups with its content.


Summer Geology School

Within the programme focused on preschool and primary school children, the Museum organises art workshops, Early Man’s cloths fabrication workshops, dino playgroups and fieldwork where children look for fossils, rocks and minerals on a location close to the actual Site with the help of geological equipment.
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Through participation in various workshops and playgroups, children discover the prehistoric world. The programme consists of art workshops, films, dino workshop, puzzle games, introduction to the collections of the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, filling in the worksheets and of a visit to the Museum’s permanent exhibition and the Hušnjakovo Site.
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A game for all ages. Playing a game based on a concept of "Man, Don’t Get Angry", children learn about the geological eras and periods and the evolution of life on Earth. Throwing the dice, they move through different geological periods, get to the different Ice Ages and disastres, and as they advance or move back, the figurines change, from trilobites to the Neanderthals.
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Lectures accompanied by pedagogical activities are intended for high school students. The topics relate to the nature of the Museum, and their goal is to develop the students’ teamwork skills and their skills of perception and expression.
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