Autor/izvor: Kristian Sentić 15/09/2010

Cooperation on the creation and realisation of the joint cultural and tourist itenerary "On the Neanderthals Trails"

Museums of Hrvatsko zagorje initiated a meeting of potential partner institutions, which was held at the Krapina Neanderthal Museum on September 15, 2010. Their common objective is to create the network of existing cultural tourism destinations and their natural resources in order to develop specific forms of tourism.

All of the locations are situated in Northwest Croatia, and are linked to the theme of paleontological and geological heritage (Krapina Neanderthal Museum, Vindija Cave, Veternica Cave, the locality of Gaveznica, fossil remains of Radoboja).

Along with representatives of the Museums of Hrvatsko zagorje, representatives of the Public institution Nature Park Medvednica, City of Lepoglava, Tourist Office of Lepoglava, tourist agency Sinergija, and Donja Voća and Radoboj municipalities were also present at the meeting. All the participants confirmed their interest in cooperation and in joint promotion which would contribute to the development of the continental tourism in the region. Participants drafted the strategic guidelines for joint activities and decided on the need for market research to facilitate focusing on target groups. The agreement on joint cooperation is to be signed, and regular coordination and committment to become a part of the tourist offer in the country and abroad were agreed upon. Coordinated promotion of all partners was also agreed upon, targeting travel agencies which have chosen the promotion of "The Neanderthals Trails" and/or geological heritage as their strategic goal and received funds from the Ministry of Tourism to do so. Coordinated efforts are aimed at reducing expenses and improving the effectiveness of existing destinations' offers.

The goal of these joint activities is to combine the existing Neanderthals sites (Krapina, Vindija, Big Cave, Veternica) with other interesting geological sites in Northeast Croatia (Gaveznica – Kameni vrh, Radoboj, Zrinski Mine) and bring them together into a tourist offer which would support development of the whole region. It is of strategic interest to direct the new activities towards bringing in foreign visitors (in summer as well as in winter months), and expand the so far successfull school visits. Another objective is to increase the number of family visits over the weekends, which would include two-day or three-day tours. The method would be to use the attractivness of the already known destinations to help develop new ones, and at the same time enrich the related offer for which there is big public interest. Effort will also be directed at joining international activities which would allow Croatian destinations to become part of European Cultural Routes.

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